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Our staff are the foundation of the Centre’s success. As experts in a wide range of specialties throughout the health research value chain, these dedicated individuals lead our research services.

Data Management 

Data management is the process of collecting, cleaning and managing data while adhering to regulatory standards and practices. Our data managers are involved in all stages of the research process, with a focus on assuring overall accuracy, integrity and quality of the data.

Project Management

Our project managers are experts in the regulatory, policy, budgeting, and implementation requirements for clinical research studies. Project managers are integral to the success of any research project, acting as a bridge between different members of the research team and other service providers.


Our operations team is responsible for the daily functioning of the Centre and for planning and implementing organizational improvements. This department includes finance, programs, administration, human resources, and computer systems.

Regulatory Affairs

Our regulatory and quality affairs department manages the infrastructure and guidelines for creating, maintaining, and enhancing administrative, regulatory, and quality assurance systems associated with conducting clinical trials and other research projects.

Software and Programming

Our programmers and developers are responsible for the design, implementation, and management of information technology solutions in areas of clinical research and health care delivery. This includes clinical systems design, systems architecture, software development, interface development, and health data exchanges.

Statistics and Health Economics

Our statisticians and health economists provide consultation and analysis services to researchers in a wide range of areas. They are involved in all stages of research, including designing analysis plans, developing and validating statistical tools, modelling and assessing cost-effectiveness, and leading analysis and publication.


Our communications experts are responsible for publicizing the success of our Scientists, staff, and organization as a whole. The communications department also assists researchers in the planning and implementation of knowledge translation, research communication, and recruitment strategies.

Grant and Research Development

Our Grants and Research Development department helps researchers find and secure research funding and other support opportunities. The department also leads internal development of collaborations, partnerships, and organizational funding and support.

Research Programs

Advancing Health Scientists work across a broad range of disciplines, from health economics to personalized medicine, to decision sciences and much more.

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