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Reducing morbidity and mortality and enhancing quality of life

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Transforming health care at the local, national and international levels

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With more than 80 scientists, research at Advancing Health encompasses a wide breadth of areas


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From design to execution, Advancing Health provides a broad range of support services

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Our People

Our scientists hold academic positions at either UBC or Simon Fraser University. Many have clinical appointments and include Canada Research Chairs, MSFHR Scholars, and CIHR Investigators.


Our investigators are at the forefront of major areas of health research. We cross-collaborate to generate a body of evidence that leads to improvements in health and health systems at the local, national, and international levels.

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Program Heads

The leaders of our Research Programs are well-renowned experts in their fields. As Program Heads, these researchers foster collaborations with external groups and facilitate research within and between our Programs.

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Research Associates

Our Research Associates are embedded within the health care system and conduct quality improvement, practise change, and research studies to inform clinical practice and programs.

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With decades of collective experience working in the health research arena, our leadership group guides the activities and development of our staff departments and the Centre as a whole.

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Our staff are the foundation of the Centre’s success. As experts in a wide range of specialties throughout the health research value chain, these dedicated individuals lead our research services.

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At Advancing Health, we value the diversity of input from both internal and external stakeholders. Our committees help ensure that the Centre is staying true to its strategic objectives and addressing our organizational priorities.

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Research Programs

Advancing Health Scientists work across a broad range of disciplines, from health economics to personalized medicine, to decision sciences and much more.

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