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We are one of Canada’s top health outcomes research organizations with 80 scientists who work in a wide variety of research areas. Our scientists focus on people. They aren’t bench scientists who study molecules and genes. Their goal is to produce and translate high-quality evidence that improves health and wellness for all.

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The Advancing Health communications team is here to help you find the right expert for your story. For media inquiries, please contact Sean Sinden, Communications Manager.

Advancing Health Scientists are experts in many fields:

  • cardiology
  • nephrology
  • critical care
  • emergency medicine
  • urban health
  • mental health
  • long-term care
  • aging and dementia
  • health economics
  • social determinants of health (i.e. gender, socio-economic status, geography, ethnicity)
  • arthritis
  • public health
  • digital health

You can find all our recent news here. Advancing Health Scientists have focused on COVID-19 and the impacts on different populationstreatments that prevent fentanyl deaths, and improving emergency medical care in remote Indigenous communities, to highlight a few of their latest projects. 

Advancing Health also has a team of experts in research support services. Our staff can help explain study methodology, talk about how studies get funded, or discuss how clinical trials are designed and conducted. 

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Advancing Health experts on COVID-19

Our experts are available to discuss a wide variety of topics related to the pandemic.

COVID-19 Stories

Mental Health and Wellness

Dr. Skye Barbic

Assistant Professor, Occupational Science, UBC
Expertise: Youth mental health and substance use

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Dr. Anne Gadermann

Assistant Professor, School of Population and Public Health, UBC
Expertise: Youth, family, teacher mental health; Housing and homelessness

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Dr. Joseph Puyat

Assistant Professor, School of Population and Public Health, UBC
Expertise: Mental wellness and resiliency; Burnout

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Dr. Daniel Vigo

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, UBC
Expertise: Mental health and substance use during the pandemic

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Dr. Chris Richardson

Research Associate, School of Population and Public Health, UBC
Expertise: Mental health and substance use; Vulnerable Populations; Virtual Care

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Frontline Health Providers

Dr. Brian Grunau

Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, UBC
Expertise: Emergency medicine, paramedics; Co-PI of the COVID-19 Occupational Risks, Seroprevalence and Immunity among Paramedics in Canada (CORSIP Canada) Study

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Dr. Amy Salmon

Associate Director, CfAHO; Clinical Associate Professor, School of Population and Public Health, UBC
Expertise: Long-term care; Dementia care; Culture change

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Health Systems

Dr. Eric Grafstein

Regional Head, Department of Emergency Medicine, PHC and VCH
Expertise: Emergency medicine; Wait times, health systems

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Dr. Anita Ho

Associate Professor, Centre for Applied Ethics, UBC
Expertise: Bioethics; Ethics of vaccine rollout; Health systems; Just recovery

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Dr. Jason Sutherland

Professor, School of Population and Public Health, UBC
Expertise: Surgical delays related to the pandemic; Health systems

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Clinical Care During the Pandemic

Dr. Chris Fordyce

Clinical Assistant Professor, Division of Cardiology, UBC
Expertise: Virtual care; Care during the pandemic (cardiology)

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Dr. Lillian Hung

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, UBC
Expertise: Virtual care; Dementia care

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Dr. Sandra Lauck

Clinician Scientist, Heart Centre, St. Paul’s Hospital
Expertise: Heart procedures during the pandemic

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Dr. Sarah Munro

Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, UBC
Expertise: Birth and pregnancy; Knowledge Translation; Shared decision making

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