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Mieke Koehoorn

Scientist, PHD

Dr. Mieke Koehoorn’s program of research focuses on current and emerging issues in occupational health and covers issues related to the surveillance and epidemiology of occupational injury disease in B.C., and the evaluation of workers’ compensation policies and programs.

Research Interests

  • Epidemiology of occupational injury and disease
  • Evaluation of workers’ compensation policies and programs
  • Gender differences in work health outcomes and workers’ compensation experiences

She also has a special interest in developing and linking data to enable cutting-edge research on occupational epidemiology.

For surveillance, Dr. Koehoorn is currently involved in research projects investigating the patterns of work-related respiratory conditions such as asthma and mesothelioma; for epidemiology, she is currently involved in research projects investigating the relationship between occupational exposures and cardiovascular disease among emergency workers; and for policy evaluation, she is currently involved in research projects evaluating the effect of industry certification on injury risk in tree-fallers, surgical setting/wait-times on return-to-work and investigating differences in workers’ compensation outcomes by gender/sex.

Many of Dr. Koehoorn’s projects are part of a research partnership with WorkSafeBC, the provincial workers’ compensation system, to maximize the use of administrative data for policy-relevant research questions. This partnership is the Partnership for Work, Health, and Safety, which she co-leads. Dr. Koehoorn was appointed Vice Dean, Academic Affairs, in the UBC Faculty of Medicine in August 2023.