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Davina Banner


Dr. Davina Banner joined the Centre for Advancing Health Outcomes as a Scientist in 2024. Dr. Banner is a Professor at the University of Northern British Columbia and resides on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Lheidli T’enneh. Dr. Banner leads an interdisciplinary program of research that is focused on cardiovascular and rural health, along with research that advances the science and practice of integrated knowledge translation and patient-oriented research. Dr. Banner’s expertise spans knowledge mobilization, implementation science, and patient engagement, utilizing diverse research approaches and methods. Dr. Banner is an experienced nurse and educator, with expertise in critical care and hospice palliative care nursing. Through her research and clinical practice, Dr. Banner has worked to improve the health and wellbeing of Canadians living with complex health conditions.

Research Interests

Dr. Banner’s overarching career goal is to generate and mobilize impactful, relevant, and timely evidence that improves health system and patient outcomes. Dr. Banner’s research program comprises three overlapping focal areas:

  • The identification, management, and support of persons living with complex cardiovascular and chronic conditions
  • The development of innovative professional practice and health-service delivery in rural and norther communities
  • Methods and practices of research co-production, with special attention to integrated knowledge translation and patient-oriented research

Dr. Banner has worked with populations that face barriers to engagement in research, actively adopting equity principles and practices. She has an unwavering commitment to partnered research, working alongside diverse knowledge users, including people with lived experience, to design, execute, and implement innovative and impactful research. She is the Scientific Lead of the Patient Engagement and Empowerment Platform for the Canadian Heart Function Alliance and is an active member of the Integrated Knowledge Translation Research Network. Through her work, Dr. Banner seeks to advance the science of engagement, developing and promoting methods and practices of meaningful co-production research.

Dr. Banner is a white, cis gender, straight, able-bodied, immigrant woman of European ancestry.

Additional Affiliations
  • Professor, School of Nursing, University of Northern British Columbia
  • Adjunct Professor, Northern Medical Program, University of Northern British Columbia