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Conference Wrap-up: 2018 CRA Annual Scientific Meeting

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CHÉOS Scientists were heavily involved in the recent Canadian Rheumatology Association Annual Scientific Meeting, which took place from February 21 to 24 in Vancouver.

Dr. Linda Li, CHÉOS Scientist and Senior Scientist at Arthritis Research Canada, attended the conference as one of two keynote speakers. Along the lines of the 2018 theme for the meetings “Precision and Personalized Medicine”, Dr. Li spoke about the use of technology in the prevention, treatment, and self-management of arthritis.

In a podium presentation the following day, CHÉOS Dr. Mark Harrison delivered a talk on patient preferences in the prevention of rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Nick Bansback was a co-author on the presentation. Dr. Larry Lynd was a co-author on another podium presentation given by Nicole Tsao, one of Dr. Lynd’s PhD trainees.

Drs. Kam Shojania, Linda Li, Aslam Anis, and Nick Bansback, along with CHÉOS Research Associate Alison Hoens, were authors on poster presentation at the conference, listed below.

Feasibility and preliminary-efficacy of a multi-faceted physical activity counselling program for persons with knee osteoarthritis. Chance Park, EC Sayre, Linda Li.

Evaluation of the indications for ANCA testing and its diagnostic utility. Noren Khamis, Touraj Khosravi-Hafshejani, Kamran Shojania, Michael Nimmo, Antonio Avina- Zubieta, Natasha Dehghan.

First steps in developing a novel decision support intervention for pain management options in juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Karine Toupin-April, Jennifer Stinson, Ciaran Duffy, Esi Morgan, William Brinkma, Linda Li, Laurie Proulx, Lucie Brosseau, Isabelle Gaboury, Janice Cohen, Paul Fortin, Peter Tugwell, Janique Gagnon.

Help people with inflammatory arthritis remain employed. Kathy Tran, Xi Xiang, Xiang Seah, Brendan van As, Pam Rogers, Catherine Backman, Monique Gignac, Linda Li, John Esdaile, Diane Lacaille.

Achieving balance and diversity in patient engagement in research: perspectives from patients. Graham Macdonald, Jenny Leese, Bao Tran, Alison Hoens, Sheila Kerr, Lianne Gulka, Wendy Lum, Linda Li.

Patients’ resource preferences for a knowledge translation toolkit for hip and knee replacement rehabilitationMarie Westby, Cheryl Koehn, Alison Hoens.

Gaps in screening for retinal toxicity in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis exposed to antimalarials: A population based-study. Mikameh Kazem, David Maberley, Hyon Choi, Hamid Tavakoli, Kamran Shojania, John Esdaile, Antonio Avina-Zubieta.

Partnering in research: Maximizing benefits & minimizing risks in patient-researcher relationships. Jenny Leese, Graham Macdonald, Bao Tran, Lianne Gulka, Alison Hoens, Sheila Kerr, Wendy Lum, Linda Li.

Hepatitis B reactivation in rheumatologic patientsYassir Daghistani, Fergus To, Patrick Doyle, Hin Ko, Mel Krajden, Jason Kur, Alnoor Ramji, Kamran Shojania, Edward Tam, John Wade, Eric Yoshida, Graham Reid, Siegfried Erb, Mollie Carruthers.

Development of the patient engagement in research scale. Clayon Hamilton, Alison Hoens, Tara Azimi, Shanon McQuitty, Annette McKinnon, Kelly English, Linda Li.

Is shared decision-making cost-effective? An evaluation of a decision aid for triple therapy in rheumatoid arthritis. Nick Bansback, Tima Mohammadi, Aslam Anis, James O’Dell, Glen Hazlewood.

Positive clinical amyopathic dermatomyositis (CADM): A single centre case series of 10 patientsKun Huang, Kamran Shojania, James Yeung, Antonio Avina-Zubieta.

Inflammatory myositis associated with myasthenia gravis with or without thymic pathology: Case series and literature review. Kun Huang, Kamran Shojania, Kristine Chapman, Neda Amiri, Natasha Dehghan.

The 2019 Annual Scientific Meetings will be held in Montreal from February 27 to March 2.