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CHÉOS Scientists front and centre at ISOQOL 2017

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The 24th Annual Conference of the International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL) takes place  between October 18 and 21 in Philadelphia. The conference, entitled Embracing Complexity: Using Patient-Reported Outcomes to Generate Real World Evidence, features presentations and seminars from researchers from around the world, including CHÉOS Scientists.

Dr. Skye Barbic, who will receive the 2017 Emerging Leader Award at the conference, is presenting her work in both poster and oral format and is co-author on two other presentations. Dr. Rick Sawatzky will be giving both an oral and poster presentation, his postdoctoral fellow Lara Russell will be delivering two oral presentations, and both are co-authors on another oral presentation.

Both Dr. Barbic and Sawatzky serve on the Education Committee for ISOQOL and Dr. Sawatzky was an abstract reviewer for this year’s conference. Two other CHÉOS Scientist, Drs. Steve Mathias and Anne Gadermann, are co-authors on one presentation each.
ISOQL 2017 “will provide a platform to discuss the challenges for the field with regards to theory, methodology, and implementation of results in health care policy and practice”. For a full list of conference proceeding please see the ISOQOL 2017 Program.

Oral presentations:

Accuracy of latent class item response theory models for measurement invariance: a simulation study. Tolulope T. Sajobi, Richard Sawatzky, Lara Russell, Juxin Liu, Bruno D. Zumbo, Lisa M. Lix.

Introducing electronic quality of life assessments in hospital palliative care: A micro-meso-macro framework. Marian Krawczyk, Kara Schick- Makaroff, Esther Laforest, S. Robin Cohen, Kelli Stajduhar, Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham, Joakim Öhlén, Richard Sawatzky.

Adaptation and validation of the veterans RAND 12-item health survey (VR-12) for long-term residential care. Rozanne Wilson, Lena Cuthbertson, Lara Russell, Lillian Parsons, Richard Sawatzky.

Comparing patient-reported outcomes of satisfied and not-satisfied total knee arthroplasty patients: an analysis of differential item functioning. Lara Russell, Richard Sawatzky, Laurie Goldsmith,  Lisa M. Lix, Tolulope T. Sajobi, Anne M. Gadermann.

Treatment of missing data in clinical registries: a comparison of approaches for estimating change in patient-reported outcomes. Lisa M. Lix, Lisa Zhang, Olawale Ayilara, Tolulope T. Sajobi, Richard Sawatzky.

Validation of the PHQ-9 as a screen for depression in the emergency department. Skye P. Barbic, Adelena Leon, William G. MacEwan, David Barbic.

Poster presentations:

Validation of the Canadian Personal Recovery Outcome Measure for the emergency department. Adelena Leon, David Barbic, Skye P. Barbic.

The use of latent variable mixture models to identify invariant items for the measurement of patient-reported outcomes. Richard Sawatzky, Lara Russell, Tolulope T. Sajobi, Lisa M. Lix, Jacek A. Kopec.

Understanding and measuring needs of youth with mental illness: a patient-and family-oriented research collaboration to “generate real world evidence”. Skye P. Barbic, Adelena Leon, Steve Mathias, Sarah Irving, Tamara Throsell, Stephanie Gillingham, Oluseyi Oyedele, Ian Manion.

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