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CHÉOS at ROAR 2018

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Each year, Arthritis Research Canada (ARC) hold a public forum, presented by the Arthritis Patient Advisory board, that covers the current research in preventing and treating arthritis. Reach out With Arthritis, or ROAR, is designed to bridge the gap between arthritis research and the public. This year’s event will take place on September 29.

This year, ROAR 2018 features six speakers, two of which are CHÉOS Scientists:

  • Dr. Nick Bansback, an ARC Research Scientist, will discuss new research that is individualizing information about total joint replacement surgery that helps patients and their surgeons choose the best treatment option.
  • Dr. Mark Harrison, who is an Affiliate Scientist with ARC, will speak about the treatment of arthritis before symptoms are present and the latest research in patient decision making and arthritis prevention.

Other speakers at the event are Drs. Mary de Vera, Michael Hunt, Catherine Backman, and John Esdaile, all of whom have co-authored a number of publications with CHÉOS Scientists in the past few years. CHÉOS Scientists Drs. Aslam Anis, Linda Li, and Kam Shojania are also Research Scientists with ARC.
For more information about ROAR 2018, please visit


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