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  • Hepatitis C virus treatment in people who inject drugs (PWID) in Bangladesh

    Int J Drug Policy

    September 19, 2019

    Infectious Disease & STBBIs
    Substance Use & Addictions

    Rahman M, Janjua NZ, Shafiq TKI, Chowdhury EI, Sarker MdS, Khan SI, Reza M, Faruque MO, Kabir A, Anis AH, Azim T

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  • Safety and Feasibility of Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging Criteria to Identify Patients With “Good Prognosis” Rectal Cancer Eligible for Primary Surgery

    Kennedy ED, Simunovic M, Jhaveri K, Kirsch R, Brierley J, Drolet S, Brown C, Vos PM, Xiong W, MacLean T, Kanthan S, Stotland P, Raphael S, Chow G, O’Brien CA, Cho C, Streutker C, Wong R, Schmocker S, Liberman S, Reinhold C, Kopek N, Marcus V, Bouchard A, Lavoie C, Morin S, Périgny M, Wright A, Neumann K, Clarke S, Patil NG, Arnason T, Williams L, McLeod R, Brown G, Mathieson A, Pooni A, Baxter NN

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  • Fixation Effects on Variant Calling in a Clinical Resequencing Panel

    J Mol Diagn

    May 2, 2019

    Genetics & Genomics

    Parker JDK, Yap SQ, Starks E, Slind J, Swanson L, Docking TR, Fuller M, Zhou C, Walker B, Filipenko D, Xiong W, Karimuddin AA, Phang PT, Raval M, Brown CJ, Karsan A

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  • Familial environment and overweight/obese adolescents’ physical activity

    Int J Environ Res Public Health

    July 17, 2019

    Exercise Science & Physical Activity
    Overweight & Obesity

    Carbert NS, Brussoni M, Geller J, Mâsse LC

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  • Estimated Impact of World Health Organization Latent Tuberculosis Screening Guidelines in a Region with a Low Tuberculosis Incidence: Retrospective Cohort Study

    Ronald LA, Campbell JR, Rose C, Balshaw R, Romanowski K, Roth DZ, Marra F, Schwartzman K, Cook VJ, Johnston JC

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  • Does Patient-Specific Instrumentation Have a Higher Rate of Early Osteolysis Than Standard Referencing Techniques in Total Ankle Arthroplasty? A Radiographic Analysis

    Foot Ankle Spec

    February 13, 2019

    Surgery & Procedures

    Escudero MI, Symes M, Bemenderfer TB, Barahona M, Anderson R, Davis H, Wing KJ, Penner MJ

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  • Do Cultural and Psychosocial Factors Contribute to Type 2 Diabetes Risk? A Look Into Vancouver’s South Asian Community

    Tang TS, Halani K, Sohal P, Bains P, Khan N

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  • Disentangling the role of income in the academic achievement of migrant children

    Soc Sci Res

    August 31, 2019


    Gagné M, Janus M, Muhajarine N, Gadermann A, Duku E, Milbrath C, Minh A, Forer B, Magee C, Guhn M

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  • Discharge destination following hip fracture in Canada among previously community-dwelling older adults, 2004-2012: database study

    Osteoporos Int

    April 1, 2019

    Health Services & Outcomes
    Surgery & Procedures

    Beaupre L, Sobolev B, Guy P, Kim JD, Kuramoto L, Sheehan KJ, Sutherland JM, Harvey E, Morin SN; for The Canadian Collaborative Study of Hip Fractures

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  • Differential item functioning of the SF-12 in a population-based regional joint replacement registry

    Yadegari I, Bohm E, Ayilara OF, Zhang L, Sawatzky R, Sajobi TT, Lix LM

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  • Determinants of Depressive Symptoms at 1 Year Following ICU Discharge in Survivors of ≥ 7 Days of Mechanical Ventilation: Results From the RECOVER Program, a Secondary Analysis of a Prospective Multicenter Cohort Study

    Hamilton M, Tomlinson G, Chu L, Robles P, Matte A, Burns S, Thomas C, Lamontagne F, Adhikari NKJ, Ferguson N, Friedrich JO, Rudkowski JC, Skrobik Y, Meggison H, Cameron J, Herridge M; for the RECOVER Program Investigators and the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group

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  • Cost-effectiveness of prenatal screening and diagnostic strategies for Down syndrome: A microsimulation modeling analysis

    Zhang W, Mohammadi T, Sou J, Anis AH

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