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Dissenting doctors write open letter in support of federal tax reforms

Photo courtesy of the Canadian Press
Photo courtesy of the Canadian Press

Along with doctors across Canada, CHÉOS Scientist Dr. Rita McCracken penned an open letter to Finance Minister Bill Morneau in support of his proposed tax reforms in September. As covered in an article appearing in The Star, the letter voices an alternative view from that expressed from physicians and medical associations who were opposed to the reforms.

How to decrease the discard rate of donated organs

Our Medicare policy for kidney transplants is totally irrational

Roundhouse Radio Vancouver featuring Dr. John Gill

Kidney, medium

CHÉOS Scientist Dr. John Gill’s recently published study examining outcomes from kidney transplantation using organs procured from donation after circulatory death (DCD) was discussed in Science Daily. The article also covered the potential implications that DCD would have on reducing the discard rate of donated organs.
Dr. Gill also discussed how medical coverage policies in the United States and Canada are affecting outcomes for patients with kidney disease and the cost this has on health care systems.


Help needed for mothers who want to abandon their newborns, say advocates

Angel cradles used as last resort for mothers with newborns

new born Baby's hand

CHÉOS Scientist Dr. Geoffrey Cundiff, who helped establish Canada’s first Angel’s Cradle at St. Paul’s Hospital, a place for a mother to safely abandon her newborn if she feels unable to properly care for it, reflected on the program’s success in the past seven years in a piece by CTV News. He also commented on the difference in child abandonment laws between Canada and the U.S. in an article appearing in The Star.


Study finds ‘appalling’ death rate among Indigenous drug users in B.C.

Photo courtesy of Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail highlighted research coming out of the Cedar Project Partnership that includes CHÉOS Scientists Drs. Martin Schechter and Patricia Spittal. The research found that Indigenous youth in B.C. who use drugs are at much higher risk of death compared to other Canadians of the same age. In the article, Dr. Schechter commented on the role of contact with Indigenous culture and language as a source of resiliency and health promotion.


Dr. Shirin Kalyan — Translational Immunologist

Discovery of Innate Immune Mechanisms of a Novel Microbial-based Approach for the Treatment of Lung Cancer

Response to novel immune therapy for ulcerative colitis associated with genetic immune biomarkers

CHÉOS’ Dr. Shirin Kalyan

PHC News profiled Dr. Shirin Kalyan, a translational immunologist and Advancing Health Scientist; the article touched on the clinical trials being conducted at Qu Biologics where Dr. Kalyan is Director of Scientific Innovation. Some of her research tests the use of immunomodulators in treating lung cancer and ulcerative colitis, among other conditions, which was covered in depth by Markets Insider and Business Insider.

Untreated sleep apnea is costing us

Working out of the Leon Judah Blackmore Centre for Sleep Disorders at the University of British Columbia Hospital, CHÉOS Scientist Dr. Najib Ayas is conducting research on sleep apnea in relation to a range of topics including cardiovascular disease, pregnancy, and treatment options. VCHRI News consulted with Dr. Ayas about his work and how the health implications of sleep apnea and other sleep problems are often underestimated despite being pervasive in Canada.


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