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Media Highlights: August 2018

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Heart disease kills mostly women, so why are they excluded from drug trials?

An article in the Montreal Gazette explored the mismatch between those affected by heart disease and those included in trials for heart disease treatments. CHÉOS Scientist Dr. Karin Humphries is quoted on the differences in cardiovascular health between men and women.

St. Paul’s colorectal surgery research team pushes envelope with new outpatient strategy

Photo courtesy of PHC News/ Drs. Carl Brown, Amir Karimuddin, Terry Phang, and Manoj Raval

Photo courtesy of PHC News/ Drs. Carl Brown, Amir Karimuddin, Terry Phang, and Manoj Raval

PHC News highlighted the work of the colorectal surgery team which includes CHÉOS Scientists Drs. Carl Brown, Manoj Raval, and Terry Phang. Together they co-published a study on their experience performing a type of surgery for colorectal cancer called Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery as an outpatient procedure. Dr. Brown commented on the study and the collaboration involved in making the program possible.

Delayed surgery for hip fractures cause of preventable deaths, study finds
Handsome doctor assisting an old man on a walker

A study contributed to by CHÉOS Scientist Dr. Jason M. Sutherland has received considerable attention in the media for its findings that the risk of mortality is increased in older patients by delays to hip fracture repair. The study suggests that where possible, surgery should occur sooner than the current standard of surgery within 48-hours of admission. The study was discussed in articles in the Globe and Mail, ReutersScience Daily, and Medscape.


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