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CIHR grant competition results: March-April 2016

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CIHR has awarded three CHÉOS scientists with research grants.

Dr. Jim Frankish

CHÉOS Scientist Dr. Jim Frankish and his colleagues were awarded with a Knowledge Synthesis Grant for their project entitled A realist synthesis of Housing First programs: What works, for whom, under what circumstances in the community functioning of formerly homeless adults. A Housing First approach is an intervention that moves homeless individuals from the street or homeless shelter directly into housing. Although this approach is becoming increasingly popular, there are gaps in our understanding of how, when, and for whom these programs work. Dr. Frankish and his team will investigate which housing programs have the most positive impact on formerly homeless people. Outcomes such as housing satisfaction, stability, family relations, and use of recreational and health services will be measured. This grant will help policy makers, service providers, and nonprofit organizations to understand the most effective housing programs to implement for various populations.

Dr. Frankish is also working with Principal Investigators Drs. Craig Mitton and Bohdan Nosyk, as well as Dr. Elliot Goldner, on a project recently funded by a CIHR Operating Grant. Evaluation of Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH)’s second generation strategy for the Downtown Eastside: A population health intervention study, will evaluate the implementation and outcomes of VCH’s strategy for treating addiction, mental illness, and other issues. Researchers will use a developmental evaluation approach and allow for ongoing program improvement.

Dr. Christian Schutz is a Co-Investigator on a CIHR Knowledge Synthesis Grant for a project titled Knowledge synthesis of the effectiveness of prescription monitoring programs. Researchers will look at existing evidence of the value of prescription monitoring programs, including their effect on prescribing patterns, diversion rates, abuse, and addiction rates and overdose deaths. Principal Investigators Drs. Beth Sproule and Kevin Lynch are from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto.

Dr. Rita McCracken is a Co-Investigator on a SPOR PIHCI Network: Quick Strikes Operating Grant, led by Drs. Sabrina Wong, Alan Katz, and Tyler Williamson. This one-year funding allows researchers to use administrative and electronic medical record data of seniors 65 years of age and older to identify natural ranges of frailty, while engaging primary care clinicians and patients. The project is titled Validation of administrative and primary care electronic medical record-derived frailty algorithms.