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CIHR Fall 2020 Project Grant Competition results announced

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The results of CIHR’s Fall 2020 Project Grant Competition were announced on March 4. CHÉOS Scientists are leading three of the projects funded through this round of the competition and a further six projects are supported by CHÉOS Scientists as co-investigators.

Drs. Nick Bansback and Mark Harrison are leading an evaluation of patient outcomes related to B.C.’s policy that mandates the use of biosimilars instead of the more expensive biologics for the treatment of inflammatory diseases. CHÉOS Director Dr. Aslam Anis is a co-investigator on the project. Dr. Harrison is also co-investigator on a project to study how to best integrate tools to optimize blood tests in the health care system.

CHÉOS Scientists Drs. Brian Grunau and Jim Christenson, along with Dr. Jane Buxton of the BCCDC, are co-leading a project that will analyze cardiac arrest registry data to determine the best resuscitative strategies for opioid-related cardiac arrest to inform national and international guidelines for both bystander and professional interventions. The team, which includes CHÉOS Emergency Medicine Program Head Dr. Frank Scheuermeyer will implement a knowledge translation plan in collaboration with key knowledge-users. Dr. Grunau is also a co-investigator on a project to validate the Canadian Pre-hospital Syncope Risk Score.

CHÉOS Scientist Dr. Linda Li is co-leading a 6-month study of health coaching in community-dwelling adults, aged 70 to 89 years old, with the goal of improving physical mobility. CHÉOS Biostatistics Program Head Dr. Hubert Wong is a co-investigator. Dr. Li is also a co-investigator on a project about treating children with arthritis.

Drs. Skye Barbic, Anne Gadermann, and Rob Strenstrom are all co-investigators on a project to evaluate how accurately a web application for university students identifies social and psychological issues compared to a clinician assessment, the current gold-standard. Dr. Barbic is also a co-investigator on a study on the impact of cannabis use on mental health outcomes among sexual and gender minority youth.

Finally, CHÉOS Clinical Trials Program Head Dr. Joel Singer is a co-investigator on a study of the role of female sex hormones on aging in women who are living with HIV. Dr. Joseph Puyat is a co-investigator on a study entitled “Women supporting women using local solutions to improve infant and young child feeding and care practices in Punjab, Pakistan”.

See below for a full list of CHÉOS-related studies funded by the Fall 2020 Project Grant Competition.

  • SuPA Mobility: Supporting Physical Activity to Promote Mobility in Mobility-Limited Older Adults (link)

Principal investigator(s): Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Jennifer Davis, Linda Li

Co-investigator(s): Ryan Falck, Kenneth Madden, Ryan Rhodes, Mohsen Sadatsafavi, Hubert Wong

  • Evaluating the impact of a mandatory switching policy for biosimilars (link)

Principal investigator(s): Mark Harrison, Nick Bansback

Co-investigator(s): Aslam Anis, Reed Beall, Fiona Clement, Mary De Vera, Mike Law

  • Opioid Overdose-Related Cardiac Arrest: What are the Best Interventions? (link)

Principal investigator(s): Brian Grunau, Jane Buxton, Jim Christenson

Co-investigator(s): Frank Scheuermeyer, et al.

  • Evaluating the psychometric properties and help-seeking impact of HEARTSMAP-U: a digital psychosocial self-assessment and navigational support application for post-secondary students. (link)

Principal investigator(s): Quynh Doan

Co-investigator(s): Skye Barbic, Anne Gadermann, Marna Nelson, Rob Stenstrom, Punit Virk

  • Re-Purposing the Ordering of ‘Routine’ laboratory Tests on clinical teaching units (RePORT study) (link)

Principal investigator(s): Anshula Ambasta, Jayna M Holroyd-Leduc, Irene Ma, Andrew W Shih, Henry T Stelfox

Co-investigator(s): Mark Harrison, et al.

  • Identifying the impact of cannabis use on mental health outcomes among sexual and gender minority youth: A mixed-methods study (link)

Principal investigator(s): Rod Knight, Oliver Ferlatte

Co-investigator(s): Skye Barbic, et al.

  • Role of Female Sex Hormones on Aging in Women Living with HIV (link)

Principal investigator(s): Melanie Murray

Co-investigator(s): Joel Singer, et al.

  • Treating Children with Arthritis According to their Individual Probability of Outcomes and Response to Treatments – The PERSON-JIA Trial (link)

Principal investigator(s): Jaime Guzman

Co-investigator(s): Linda Li, et al.

  • Validation of the Canadian Prehospital Syncope Risk Score (link)

Principal investigator(s): Venkatesh Thiruganasambandamoorthy

Co-investigator(s): Brian Grunau, et al.

  • Women supporting women using local solutions to improve infant and young child feeding and care practices in Punjab, Pakistan (link)

Principal investigator(s): Rosemin Kassam, Sajid Soofi

Co-investigator(s): Joseph Puyat, et al.