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Results of the CIHR 2016 Foundation and Project grant competition

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14 CHÉOS Scientists and 1 CHÉOS Research Associate were named on 14 grants in the latest CIHR funding competition, the results of which were announced on Friday, July 15.

Dr. Rick Sawatzky was successful with funding for three grants (two as a Principal Investigator, one as a Co-Investigator), including one that explores the use of electronic patient-reported outcomes in clinical kidney practice. Drs. Peter Dodek, Martin Schechter, and Joel Singer are each named on two grants, and Drs. Najib Ayas, Devin Harris, Mark Harrison, Nadia Khan, Adeera Levin, Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes, Anita Palepu, Kam Shojania, Patricia Spittal, and John Staples are each listed on one grant.

Drs. Martin Schechter and Patricia Spittal and their Indigenous colleagues in Canada and Uganda received funding through a Foundation grant and a Project grant to continue and expand their research looking at reducing HIV risk, increasing access to treatment, and promoting resilience in Indigenous communities with The Cedar Project and Cango Lyec Project.

CHÉOS Research Associate Aggie Black is a Co-Investigator on a grant that will promote health equity for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in emergency rooms.

In total, 120 Foundation grants, 491 Project grants, and an additional 127 Bridge grants were awarded to investigators all across Canada. Projects range from one to seven years in duration.

All of the grants listing CHÉOS investigators are below. Congratulations to all!

CIHR Foundation Grant

PI: Schechter MT. Reducing HIV risk, increasing access to treatment and promoting resilience in Indigenous communities in Canada and globally. CIHR Foundation Grant. 7 Years.

CIHR Project Grants

PIs: Daneman N, Fowler RA. Co-Is: Aslanian P, Bagshaw SM, Bestman-Smith J, Carignan A, Coburn BA, Conly JM, Cook DJ, Detsky ME, Dodek PM, Elsayed S, Evans GA, Hall RI, Johnston BL, Kumar A, Lamontagne F, Lauzier F, Leung V, Marshall JC, Martin CM, McIntyre

LA, Morris AM, Muscedere J, Reynolds SC, Sligl WI, Stelfox HT, Taggart LR, Toye B, Wilcox ME. Bacteremia Antibiotic Length Actually Needed for Clinical Effectiveness (BALANCE): A randomized controlled clinical trial. CIHR Project Grant. 5 Years.

PI: Geoffrion R. Co-Is: Brotto LA, Singer J, Zhang W. Vaginal surgery for the pelvic floor: A randomized trial of synthetic mesh versus synthetic sutures. CIHR Project Grant. 5 Years.

PI: Harrison M. Co-Is: Davidson H, De Vera MA, Law MR, McGrail KM, Sawatzky RG, Shojania K. A population-based analysis of multidisciplinary rheumatology nursing care for people with complex rheumatic diseases. CIHR Project Grant. 3 Years.

PI: Johnstone J. Co-Is: Ball IM, Cartin-Ceba R, Charbonney E, Chau L, Cook DJ, Dionne JC, Dodek PM, Duan EH, Garber GE, Girard M, Golan E, Hall RI, Henderson WR, et al. PROSPECT: Probiotics to Prevent Severe Pneumonia and Endotracheal Colonization Trial.

CIHR Project Grant. 3 Years.

PIs: Lee TC, McDonald EG. Co-Is: Bonnici A, Buckeridge DL, Cassels AK, Cavalcanti RB, Detsky AS, Downar J, Fabreau G, Forster AJ, Khan NA, Palepu A, Pilote L, et al. Reducing post-discharge adverse drug events amongst the elderly: A multi-centre electronic deprescribing intervention. CIHR Project Grant. 3 Years.

PI: Rush KL. Co-Is: Costigan J, Eves ND, Gorman NE, Halperin F, Harris DR, Hatt L, Janicki LL, Jones GR, O’Connor BP, Polasek P, Regier DA. The virtual atrial fibrillation clinic: Improving specialty care delivery in rural communities. CIHR Project Grant. 3 Years.

PIs: Schick-Makaroff KL, Klarenbach S, Sawatzky RG. Co-Is: Cohhen SR, Cuthbertson LN, Macrae JM, Palfreyman S, Pauly RP, Quinn RR, Reintjes F, Wu J. Electronic patient-reported outcomes in clinical kidney practice (ePRO Kidney). CIHR Project Grant. 3 Years.

PIs: Sinclair SA, Hack TF, Sawatzky RG. Co-Is: Barwich DB, Baxter S, Chochinov HM, Cory S, Dudgeon D, Embleton L, Forbes H, Garland EL, Hagen NA, Harlos MS, Heyland DK, Krawczyk MT, Russell LB, et al. Development and validation of a patient-reported measure of compassionate care. CIHR Project Grant. 4 Years.

PIs: Spittal PM, Yoshida EM. Co-Is: Caron NR, Christian WM, Hamour AOA, Henderson E, Jongbloed K, Klein MB, Krajden M, Lester RT, Oviedo-Joekes E, Patrick DM, Pearce ME, Pooyak SD, Schechter MT, Singer J, Waters ST. The Cedar Project: Providing culturally-safe, strengths-based case management for the delivery of optimal hepatitis C care and treatment among Indigenous people who use drugs in Vancouver and Prince George, British Columbia. CIHR Project Grant. 3 Years.

PI: Staples JA. Co-Is: Brubacher JR, Chan W-PH, Redelmeier DA. Syncope and the subsequent risk of motor vehicle crash: A population-based analysis. CIHR Project Grant: 3 Years.

PIs: Varcoe CM, Browne AJ, Bungay VA, Byres D. Co-Is: Black A, Blanchet Garneau A, Cloutier M, Darroch FE, Greenwood ML, Heppell L, Jenkins EK, Kang H, Bindy K, Price R, Smith HL, Smylie JK, Varley L, Ward C, Wilson E. Promoting health equity for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in emergency rooms. CIHR Project Grant. 5 Years.

PI: Walsh MW. Co-Is: Bosch JJ, Bueti GA, De Serres S, Devereaux PJ, Garg A, Hawley C, Haynes R, Herrington W, Holden RM, Hooi L, Levin A, et al. Aldosterone antagonism and enhanced Clearance for Health Improvement EValuation in End-stage renal disease (ACHIEVE) Trial. CIHR Project Grant. 6 Years.

CIHR Project Grants – Bridge Grants

PIs: Parshuram CS, Piquette D. Co-Is: Amaral AC,b, Bagshaw SM, Baker GR, Brydges R, Ferguson ND, Frank J, Friedrich J, Imrie KR, Karachi T, Kirpalani HM, Mema B, Scales DC, Sen M, Stelfox HT, Tomlinson GA, Walsh CM, Willan AR. InCURS: Intensive Care Unit Residents Scheduling Study. CIHR Project Grants – Bridge Grant. 1 Year.


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