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CHÉOS to collaborate with global genomics organization

Posted on


CHÉOS is collaborating with the world’s largest genomics organization, Beijing Genomics International (BGI), to research the health economics of personalized medicine.

The collaboration with BGI is part of a larger global partnership to bring together advanced technologies and individualized therapy for cancer and other diseases. Providence Health Care, St. Paul’s Foundation, Vancouver Prostate Centre, Genome BC, Deloitte Inc., and BGI will work together on applying next generation sequencing technologies and big data to accelerate personalized medicine and improve outcomes for patients.

The partnership was recognized on October 19, when a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the parties at a ceremony at the Vancouver Board of Trade during the American Society of Human Genetics 2016 Annual Meeting.

Leading CHÉOS health economists will partner with BGI precision medicine experts to develop an economic assessment of sequencing-based non-invasive prenatal testing, and an early detection test for cancer. Investigators aim to share the findings in peer-reviewed journals, and create a strategy to help disseminate information about the technology to health plan sponsors and insurance carriers worldwide.

“We are excited to partner with BGI, a global leader in genomics research, on a project that will impact the future of precision medicine not only in British Columbia, but worldwide,” said CHÉOS Director Dr. Aslam Anis.

“The growth of personalized medicine is a crucial next step for advancing the future of health care in this province. This inaugural project successfully initiates the BGI-B.C. relationship embodied under the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed today.”

Data from this project will guide the work of future joint initiatives. These outcomes will benefit and inform the overall direction of the relationship and produce positive solutions in the area of precision medicine.

Read more in the news release from Providence Health Care and the St. Paul’s Foundation.

A photo of the partners at the October 19 signing of the Memorandum of Understanding. Jay Shaw Photo | St. Paul’s Foundation

Photo from left to right:

  • Dick Vollet, President and CEO, St. Paul’s Foundation
  • Dr. S. Paul Man, Professor and Deputy Head, Dept. of Medicine UBC; Physician-in-Chief; St. Paul’s Hospital
  • Dianne Doyle, President and CEO, Providence Health Care
  • Colin Collins, Senior Research Scientist & Director, Vancouver Prostate Centre
  • Yiwu He, Vice-President, Research, BGI
  • Hon. Amrik Virk, Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services
  • Pascal Spothelfer, President and CEO, Genome BC
  • Ben Stewart, B.C.’s Special Representative in Asia
  • Jamie Sawchuk, Partner, Deloitte