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  • Adding nuance to dietary prescriptions: does sodium reduction benefit people already losing weight?

    J Hum Hypertens

    March 17, 2023

    Eating Disorders & Nutrition

    Delgado-Ron JA, López-Jaramillo P, Karim ME

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  • Estimated cost-effectiveness of point-of-care testing in community pharmacies versus self-testing and standard laboratory testing for HIV

    Mital S, Kelly D, Hughes C, Nosyk B, Thavorn K, Nguyen HV

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  • Role of precision medicine in obstructive sleep apnoea

    BMJ Med

    January 5, 2023

    Public Health
    Sleep & Health

    Liu Y, Ghafoor AA, Hajipour M, Ayas N

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  • Evaluation of transcutaneous near-infrared spectroscopy for early detection of cardiac arrest in an animal model

    Raschdorf K, Mohseni A, Hogle K, Cheung A, So K, Manouchehri N, Khalili M, Lingawi S, Grunau B, Kuo C, Christenson J, Shadgan B

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  • Patient decision aid for flozins in heart failure and ejection fraction greater than 40

    Blair J. MacDonaldSheri L. Koshman and Ricky D. Turgeon

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  • Co-designing a Sexual Health App With Immigrant Adolescents: Protocol for a Qualitative Community-Based Participatory Action Research Study

    Meherali S, Munro S, Puinean G, Salami B, Wong JP-H, Vandermorris A, Benoit JRA, Flicker S, Okeke-Ihejirika P, Stroulia E, Norman WV, Scott SD.

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  • Determining the Longitudinal Serologic Response to COVID-19 Vaccination in the Chronic Kidney Disease Population: A Clinical Research Protocol

    Can J Kidney Heal Dis.

    March 20, 2023

    Clinical Trials

    Yau K, Enilama O, Levin A, Romney MG, Singer J, Blake P, Perl J, Leis JA, Kozak R, Tsui H, Bolotin S, Tran V, Chan CT, Tam P, Dhruve M, Kandel C, Estrada-Codecido J, Brown T, Siwakoti A, Abe KT, Hu Q, Colwill K, Gingras A-C, Oliver MJ, Hladunewich MA.

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  • Using telepresence robots as a tool to engage patient and family partners in dementia research during COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative participatory study

    Hung L, Lake C, Hussein A, Wong J, Mann J.

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  • Associations between Clinical Pathway Concordance, Cost and Survival Outcomes for Stage II Colon Cancer: A Population-based Study

    Int J Qual Health C.

    March 24, 2023

    Health Services & Outcomes

    Milroy S, Wong J, Eberg M, Ieraci L, Forster K, Holloway CMB, Sutherland JM.

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  • National health policies and strategies for addressing chronic kidney disease: Data from the International Society of Nephrology Global Kidney Health Atlas

    Plos Global Public Heal.

    February 1, 2023


    Neuen BL, Bello AK, Levin A, Lunney M, Osman MA, Ye F, Ashuntantang GE, Bellorin-Font E, Gharbi MB, Davison S, Ghnaimat M, Harden P, Jha V, Kalantar-Zadeh K, Kerr PG, Klarenbach S, Kovesdy CP, Luyckx V, Ossareh S, Perl J, Rashid HU, Rondeau E, See EJ, Saad S, Sola L, Tchokhonelidze I, Tesar V, Tungsanga K, Kazancioglu RT, Wang AY-M, Yang C-W, Zemchenkov A, Zhao M, Jager KJ, Caskey FJ, Perkovic V, Jindal KK, Okpechi IG, Tonelli M, Feehally J, Harris DC, Johnson DW.

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  • Impact of Loneliness and Social Isolation on Mental Health Outcomes Among Individuals With Rheumatic Diseases During the COVID‐19 Pandemic

    Acr Open Rheumatology.

    March 25, 2023

    Mental Health & Wellbeing

    Howren A, Avina-Zubieta JA, Puyat JH, Costa DD, Xie H, Davidson E, Rebić N, Gastonguay L, Dau H, De Vera MA.

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  • The Problem of Pain in the United States: A Population-Based Characterization of Biopsychosocial Correlates of High Impact Chronic Pain using the National Health Interview Survey

    Survey. J Pain

    March 23, 2023

    Falasinnu T, Hossain MB, Weber KA, Helmick CG, Karim ME, Mackey S.

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