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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to some common questions related to our research services

How do I request a Advancing Health Research Service?

Please submit your request for Advancing Health services through our online portal.

We cannot support service requests until you have provided a formal request for services through our website.

Once I submit a request, what are the next steps?

Once a formal request has been received, someone from our research support administrative team will be in contact with you for any additional study information, your timeline etc.

Once you provide us with all of the pertinent study information, your request will be sent to the appropriate Advancing Health staff member(s). A staff member will then be in touch to set-up your free one-hour consultation.

Do I have to submit a new request every time I have a new project?

Yes, please submit an online request for any new project; this applies to new research questions for the same data that we may have already worked with previously.

Do I have to pay for Advancing Health research services?

Yes, any time spent working on a project after the initial complimentary one-hour consultation is subject to an hourly fee.

Our research support administrative team will communicate with you about the hourly rate and any other related costs; please do not direct queries to the service provision staff person.

Prior to any work being completed on your project, someone from the research support administrative team will provide you with an estimate for these services before we proceed. Please note that detailed information from you (e.g. study protocol/proposal, list of clearly defined research questions, sample data etc.) can expedite the provision of a quote and is highly recommended before your consultation in order to make the most of the time.

Will I always be able to work with the same staff person or will I be assigned someone new each time?

We try our best to ensure continuity; however, staff assignment is primarily determined by capacity.

How will I be invoiced for these services?

Invoices will be sent via email on an ongoing basis as the project progresses. Should you have specific billing preferences, please indicate those at the beginning of the project.

Are you able to provide estimates for grant applications?

Yes, we are able to provide estimates for grant applications.

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