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2018 CESBC Evaluation Conference

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The annual conference of the British Columbia Chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CESBC) is approaching quickly. CHÉOS Scientist and Head of Program Evaluation Dr. Beth Snow is the President of CESBC, a chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES). The CES is a professional organization for evaluation professionals, students, academics, and knowledge users. CESBC provides the province’s evaluation community with learning and networking opportunities.

The Chapter holds an annual Evaluation Conference to update attendees on new tools, methods, and practices in the field. This year’s conference, which is co-sponsored by CHÉOS, is being held in Vancouver on November 30. The theme of this year’s CESBC conference is “What’s In Your Evaluation Toolbox?”

“The field of evaluation is a dynamic one and new tools and methods are constantly emerging,” said Dr. Snow. “Presenters at this year’s conference are sharing their methods and techniques with each other so that we can all have more tools to draw from.”

Dr. Snow will be presenting with members of the Clinical & Systems Transformation (CST) project evaluation team, which she leads. Their presentation will examine the use of the AMERQI Framework to promote the use of data and information in complex healthcare transformation projects, such as CST.

“This is a framework that we created to help leverage the related (but distinct) approaches of evaluation, monitoring, quality improvement, auditing, and research to provide value to healthcare organizations” she noted.

Dr. Snow is also on a panel, along with CHÉOS Scientist Dr. Amy Salmon, that is entitled “Exploring the Landscape of Complexity and Systems Thinking in Evaluation: Reflections on the application of concepts, methods, and tools”.

“We’ll be talking about concrete ways that concepts from complexity and systems thinking can be applied in evaluations” she said.

There are a number of other short presentations, concurrent sessions, and a keynote speaker, all taking place during the one-day conference. For more details, see the CESBC website. Last year, the CES 2017 conference was held in Vancouver; CHÉOS was a sponsor for this event as well.