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  • The burden of incidental SARS-CoV-2 infections in hospitalized patients across pandemic waves in Canada

    Scientific Reports

    April 24, 2023


    McAlister FA, Hau JP, Atzema C, McRae AD, Morrison LJ, Grant L, Cheng I, Rosychuk RJ, Hohl CM, The Canadian COVID-19 Emergency Department Rapid Response Network (CCEDRRN) Investigators

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  • “Shared experience makes this all possible”: documenting the guiding principles of peer-led services for people released from prison.

    BMC Public Heal.

    January 3, 2024

    Public Health

    Palis H, Young P, Korchinski M, Wood S, Xavier J, Luk N, Mahil S, Bartlett S, Brown H, Salmon A, Nicholls T, Slaunwhite A.

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  • Abdominal drainage after elective colorectal surgery: propensity score-matched retrospective analysis of an Italian cohort.

    BJS Open

    January 3, 2024

    Surgery & Procedures

    Guadagni S, Catarci M, Masedu F, Karim ME, Clementi M, Ruffo G, Viola MG, Borghi F, Baldazzi G, Scatizzi M, Pirozzi F, Delrio P, Garulli G, Marini P, Campagnacci R, Luca RD, Ficari F, Sica G, Scabini S, Liverani A, Caricato M, Patriti A, Mancini S, Baiocchi GL, Santoro R, Siquini W, Guercioni G, Basti M, Pedrazzani C, Totis M, Carrara A, Lucchi A, Pavanello M, Muratore A, D’Ugo S, Leo AD, Pignata G, Elmore U, Anania G, Carlini M, Corcione F, Vettoretto N, Longo G, Sorrentino M, Giuliani A, Ferrari G, Taglietti L, Verzelli A, Cosmo MD, Cavaliere D, Milone M, Rausei S, Ciaccio G, Tebala G, Brisinda G, Berti S, Millo P, Boni L, Guerrieri M, Persiani R, Parini D, Spinelli A, Genna M, Bottino V, Coratti A, Scala D, Rivolta U, Piccoli M, Talarico C, Roviello F, Anastasi A, Ettorre GM, Montuori M, Mariani P, Manzini N de, Donini A, Armellino MF, Feo C, Guerriero S, Costanzi A, Marchesi F, Cicetti M, Ciano P, Benedetti M, Montemurro LA, Mattei MS, Belloni E, Apa D, Carlo MD, Bertocchi E, Masini G, Altamura A, Rubichi F, Cianflocca D, Migliore M, Cassini D, Pandolfini L, Falsetto A, et al.

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  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Dementia-Friendly Neighborhoods Using a Walkshed Approach: Protocol for a Scoping Review.

    JMIR Res Protoc

    January 3, 2024

    End-of-life Care
    Long-term Care
    Patient-Centred Care

    Groulx M, Freeman S, Gourlay K, Hemingway D, Rossnagel E, Chaudhury H, Nouri M.

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  • Dementia care and prevention in community settings: a built environment framework for cognitive health promotion.

    1. Gan DRY, Mann J, Chaudhury H.

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  • The perceptions of university students on technological and ethical risks of using robots in long-term care homes.

    Young E, Hung L, Wong J, Wong KLY, Yee A, Mann J, Vasarhelyi K.

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  • “It feels like I’m coming to a friend’s house”: an interpretive descriptive study of an integrated care site offering iOAT (Dr. Peter Centre).

    Dobischok S, Carvajal JR, Turner K, Jaffe K, Lehal E, Blawatt S, Redquest C, Turje RB, McDougall P, Koch B, McDermid C, Hassan D, Harrison S, Oviedo-Joekes E.

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  • How hard are the hard outcomes reported in national transplant registries

    Chadban S, Gill JS

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  • “We Aren’t Meant to Go Through the Hardest Parts of Our Lives Alone”: Family Experience With Restricted PICU Presence During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    Crit Care Explor.

    October 27, 2023

    Intensive Care
    Mental Health & Wellbeing

    Lee LA, Foster JR, Nikitovic D, Garros D, Ryan MJ, Moghadam N, Slumkoski C, Walls M, Curran JA, Seabrook JA, Burgess S, Betts L, Barclay A, Choong K, Fontela P, Murthy S, Nicoll J, O’Hearn K, Sehgal A, Tijssen J, Group for the CCCT.

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  • COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness by HIV status and history of injection drug use: a test-negative analysis

    J Int AIDS Soc

    October 26, 2023.

    Infectious Disease & STBBIs

    Puyat JH, Wilton J, Fowokan A, Janjua NZ, Wong J, Grennan T, Chambers C, Kroch A, Costiniuk CT, Cooper CL, Lauscher D, Strong M, Burchell AN, Anis A, Samji H.

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  • Sexual Health Outcomes Among Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

    Oveisi N, Cheng V, Brotto LA, Peacock S, McTaggart-Cowan H, Hanley G, Gill S, Rayar M, Srikanthan A, Ellis U, De Vera MA.

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